12 Most Memorable Michael Caine Movie Quotes

12. "You know, I'd almost forgotten what your eyes looked like. They're still the same. Pissholes in the snow." (Get Carter)

Pissholes Gif Though it now might be the most famous "line" from Get Carter, the oft-repeated "She was only fifteen years old!" (or sometimes "sixteen") is actually a misquote. In reality, perhaps the most memorable line from the movie €“ in which Caine plays vicious gangster Jack Carter out to avenge his brother's death €“ is Carter's harsh insult to his former associate Eric Paice when Paice doesn't give Carter the information he wants. It's one of many intimidating lines that Caine delivers as Carter, but few are as full of venom as this one. The line firmly establishes how nasty Carter is willing to get in order to find what happened to his brother. Even all these years later Jack Carter remains the most vicious character Caine has ever played, which is completely opposite of the friendly demeanor Caine displays in his real life interviews. Considering how Caine's most recent roles tend to take on a grandfatherly quality, Carter and his dialogue come off as especially shocking to modern viewers.

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