12 More Deleted Scenes That Explain Confusing Movie Moments

6. Biff's Pain - Back To The Future Part II

Old Biff Back To The Future

The Confusing Moment:

In the excellent dystopian sequel to Back To The Future - which seems to be turning into the actual real-life world - Marty McFly unwittingly hands the keys to the world's destruction to Biff Tannen when he leaves not only a time machine but also the sports almanac in his reach.

He duly goes back in time and changes the past and returns to the exact same point in 2015 (creating a paradox that makes no sense). Weirdly though, he gets out of the time machine as if he's been kicked in the testicles - hunched over and in clear discomfort. Nothing more is said of it and he's never seen again.

The Deleted Scene:

The film actually initially showed some awareness of the issues of the paradox, as Biff's pain would have been explained by him fading out of existence in the future timeline. The deleted scene in question showed him literally disintegrating, as he'd been killed off in 1996 by Lorraine when she discovered he killed George (according to the official BTTF FAQ).

Robert Zemeckis revealed that it was cut because it was simply too confusing:

"...we actually filmed him falling onto the street and vanishing, and we previewed the movie this way. However, the vast majority of the audience did not understand it, so we decided to cut it out, leaving the answer ambiguous, and subject to various interpretations — besides the above explanation, you can believe that Old Biff had a heart attack from the shock of time travel of from flying the car, or from something that happened to him in 1955."

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