12 Most Anxiety-Inducing Sci-Fi Movies EVER

From real life space catastrophe to body invading aliens to f***ed up futures...

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At its most wholesome, sci fi can be a pretty beautiful genre. Just look at WhatCulture's recent rundown of the genre's most visually stunning films for proof of how sumptuous and imaginative the landscapes and invented worlds of science fiction are able to be onscreen, freed from the bonds of recognisable reality which limits most film endeavours.

The genre can be as beautiful as the thoughtful Solaris, as hopeful as the optimistic Tomorrowland, or as straight up feel good and fun as the original Star Wars films.

Then there are movies like the ones on this list.

The anxiety inducing side of sci fi is home to the movies which portray the terrifying reality of space travel with way too much realism for our poor hearts to bear, the ones which feature aliens who don't so much come in peace as come to tear us into pieces, and the ones which imagine a future even bleaker and harsher than, well, reality right now.

And those are the sci fi films highlighted on this rundown, the most adrenaline-injected cinematic nightmares science fiction has to offer.


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