12 Most Brutal Acts Of Revenge In Movies

11. An Eye For An Eye - Kill Bill

Hans Landa Ending

While Tarantino brought us an awesome tale of female empowerment with 1997's Jackie Brown, he went all in with his next feature film, Kill Bill.

Kill Bill tells the tale of the Bride, a deadly assassin and pivotal member of the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad, and her brutal quest for revenge over the people she formerly considered colleagues. From the film's opening shot, a blood spattered bride stating down barrel on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, it's clear the quest for revenge is to be a long one.

Her quest for vengeance takes the Bride to all manner of exotic places, from tranquil Okinawa to the dusty wasteland of El Paso, Texas. The latter proves to be a particularly brutal affair, as the Bride's showdown with Bill's brother, Budd, is rudely interrupted by Elle, a jealous, malicious and deeply merciless assassin.

The score perfectly matches the gravity of the scene, as the Bride's most dangerous adversary stands the other side of Budd's grimy trailer. As their katanas cross for one last time, the Bride exacts her revenge by plucking Elle's eye out. Elle is left writhing in pain and the Bride's quest for revenge continues.


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