12 Most Horribly Disappointing Horror Movie Villain Reveals

Oh, come on! We were expecting way more than that.

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We all love those films that show us the murders but keep the killer's identity hidden until the very last moment when we are already pulling on the last strain of hair we have left on our heads, all the while wondering who the killer might be.

It is not for nothing that this trope has been used countless times as a twist ending by our most beloved filmmakers.

When done well, a good reveal can leave an audience happy once the cat is let out of the bag. They will appreciate the writing more for creatively giving all the evidence, and yet the audience could not guess the villain.

On the other hand, a bad reveal is one where the audience walks out feeling deceived by a cheap lie.

Whats more, a bad reveal can be brought about when a director foreshadows the villains identity so obviously that by the time we get to see the bad guy, the element of surprise is gone. Unfortunately, the following films presented in this list have all managed to make one or two mistakes that eventually led to a bad reveal.

12. Friday The 13th

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Sean S. Cunningham brought to life the longest-lasting horror series to date with the filming of his most successful film "Friday the 13th". Granted, it is not regarded as a landmark in film history, but in some respects Friday the 13th lives up to its classic status.

For one, the murder scenes are well crafted with such brutality that , even tiil this day, could still keep any viewer at the edge of their seats. Be that as it may, perhaps the biggest shocker in the film is spotting a young Kevin Bacon rocking an Adidas shirt.

Another aspect is the story itself - you'd be hard pressed to find any horror movies buff who isn't aware of the twist at the end. This would have made for a good twist, if we hadn't been introduced to Pamela Voorhees, only seconds leading up to the reveal.

Yet, she barely has any relevance to the story until the reveal. Her name only comes up briefly before she is revealed as the killer. So for the most part, all we know about her, in the course of the film, is that she is Jason's mother, the killer.

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