12 Most Horribly Disappointing Horror Movie Villain Reveals

11. The Raven

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Britain in the 19th century: a serial killer is to mischief using Edgar Allen Poe's stories as a template for his murderous campaign. The detective, Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) consults the oddball author for help who, in turn soon realises that the mysterious killer has targeted his love interest, Emily (Alice Evans).

Along with an already half baked script, the whole finale is incredibly unsatisfying. The killer is revealed to be the typesetter with the forgettable face who we only got to see 2/3rds into the film.

This reveal was totally anti-climatic as we didn't get to see the character until late into the movie. Upon first viewing, seeing the killer's face only induces this strange feeling of having missed something earlier. It isn't you rewind the film do you notice that the only thing you missed was the opportunity to save 1 hour, 50 minutes of your life by putting something else on.

It would have been better if there were some foreshadowing as to the killer's identity but the most we got was a strand of hair which happens to be magnetic because, as we'll later come to realise, contained iron based ink. Too weak.

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