12 Most Underrated Sci-Fi Movie Remakes Ever

The less loved Godzilla! The forgotten Kong! The Judge Dredd that isn't laughably awful!

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Alright look, no one likes remakes. We get it!

After all, remember when Halloween helmer John Carpenter tried to escape the grimy world of teenage chillers by remaking that much-loved fifties sci-fi classic The Thing From Another World?

The remake he directed in 1982 flopped hard at the box office, proving viewers never want to see classic sci-fi reheated for a new generation, and—wait hang on, the eighties remake of The Thing is roundly beloved for being a genius retelling of the original story. Harsher, darker, and smarter than its fifties inspiration, the film is widely considered a masterpiece of sci-fi horror and one of the genre’s most enduring influences.

Okay fine, so that’s one good remake. But what about say, Cronenberg’s eighties remake of the classic fifties sci-fi The Fly? Oh right, that’s also considered far superior to the original, and is also an undeniable masterpiece adored by critics and audiences alike, which has proven almost as influential as Carpenter’s flick.

Huh. We’re starting to think some sci-fi remakes might actually not be so bad. Okay, so there was admittedly a string of woeful Paul Verhoeven remakes circa 2012 which put us all off the idea of revisiting classic sci-fi. But that’s because Verhoeven and PG-13 ratings go together like Tom Hooper and felines.

So to prove a point, we’ve assembled a list of sci-fi remakes often written off by critics which are actually—whisper it—pretty decent.


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