12 Movie Business Cards That Are Way Cooler Than Yours

The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg There's a lot to be said for a cool business card in real life - it's a great way to instill yourself permanently in the mind of a prospective client yearning for some originality, and a unique type-set will make you the envy of all your colleagues (as you'll see on this list in a moment). This is doubly true in the movies, where a snazzy business card instantly tells not just the movie's other characters, but also us as an audience, more about the character - their personality type, what they do (obviously), and even possibly their motivations as far as the story is concerned. Whether messy, mysterious, playful or meticulous, these cards made it clear to viewers right away who they were dealing with, and thanks to their witty brevity, sheer coolness, satirical snap, or simply the part they play in a bizarre continuity error, these 12 business cards are the coolest and most memorable in movie history without a doubt. These cards are just begging to be ripped off by real-life hotshots, but as film buffs, we're always going to recognise where they came from first. Before we move onto the world of movies, however, it's time for an honourable (and hilarious) mention from one of television's finest shows...

Honourable Mention: Tobias Funke, M.D. - Arrested Development

Arrested Development It's not a movie, but how could we resist including it anyway? Tobias Funke is an analyst and a therapist; an...analrapist? Click "next" below to begin...

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