12 Movie Franchises You Didn't Realise Were Still Going

Resilient franchises that are still hanging in there.

The wheels of Hollywood will keep turning for as long as they possibly can, meaning that if there's still money to be made from a movie franchise, you can be certain executives will wring every last dime out of it. We're all aware of how long the Fast and the Furious and Paranormal Activity franchises have been going, but what about those series which we all assumed crashed and burned a long time ago? In most cases, these series (which, let's face it, are more often than not from the horror genre) have long abandoned theatrical release models and are instead making do with straight-to-video or VOD releases, yet given the rise of both formats in the last few years, it's no longer the fiscal kiss of death it was once was. Indeed, these franchises may have their best days long behind them, but the sheer number of sequels churned out suggests they're still turning a tidy profit. Granted, in some instances the series was out of cinemas so fast you probably weren't even aware there was a single sequel to facilitate a franchise, but rest assured, these 12 are still chugging along, despite how terrible most of them in fact are. Did we miss any resilient franchises that are still hanging in there? Let us know in the comments!
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