12 Movie Franchises You Didn't Realise Were Still Going

12. Wrong Turn

The Films You Know: The Wrong Turn series began life with 2003's Eliza Dushku-starring effort, which saw her and her friends being hunted down by cannibalistic, grossly disfigured (by way of incest) mountain men. Despite a critical panning, the movie made a solid profit, and laid the path for a low-budget straight-to-video sequel, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, which was released in 2007 and surprisingly embraced by critics for its self-aware humour and over-the-top gore, while also making a modest profit. The Films You Don't: But that's where the franchise dies for most people. To date, three more sequels have followed of increasingly poor quality, and a sixth entry into the franchise began shooting at the beginning of March. It's truly baffling that these movies keep getting made, especially after the series abandoned its humourous approach outlined in part two.
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