12 Movie Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

Expectations are for chumps, apparently.

When we sit down to watch pretty much any movie, we usually do so with a few built-in expectations, all of which have been pulled from pre-release trailers, movie clips, our familiarity with the genre and the actors involved, or because the motion picture in question is based on a pre-existing property, like a novel or a comic book. So it's no surprise that we come to expect certain "moments" to take place in movies before we go to see them - it's part of the experience. Still, whereas it's probably fair to say that the majority of movie moments we come to predict actually do happen, there are occasionally times when our assumptions turn out to be worth nothing at all. That's to say, you've probably settled into a movie reckoning you know what's going to go down, be it that you've mesmerised the trailer, or you think you've figured out the plot, only for it to turn around, slap you in the face, and say: "Nope. Not happening, pal. You're wrong." Here are 12 movie moments that everybody was waiting to happen for one reason or another... none of which actually did. How sad.

12. For Royce To Get Ambushed By Red Dots - Predators

Predators is a movie that set out to answer the question: "What if there were more Predators? Like, lots more Predators." So this Robert Rodriguez-produced action romp from 2010 presumably surprised a lot of people when it turned out that the question made for a pretty neat movie, actually. Still, there was a particularly exciting moment in the trailer which really, really went to town with the "multiple Predators" idea - one that wasn't even in the final film. The moment in question has Adrien Brody's broody character, Royce, in the midst of the jungle when - all of a sudden - three of those trademark Predator red dot laser things suddenly appear on his body. There's a beat, and then Royce is inexplicability covered in lots and lots of red dot laser things... which naturally, of course, invites the possibility of there being a huge battle or something, or - at the very least - a moment in the movie where THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENS.
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