12 Movie Sequels That Prove You Should Never Go Back

11. Alien: Resurrection

20th Century Fox

What It Billed As

Ripley is back! She might have died perfectly at the end of Alien 3 and brought a gloriously fitting end to the original trilogy, but Fox wanted some more money so they resurrected her. Oh and if you thought the xenomorph was bad, wait til you check out the new alien hybrid monster thing.

What It Actually Was

A big old mucky mess.

Rather than getting the same bad-ass Ripley as before, who worked best as a rat up a drainpipe fighting ferociously for her life, we got a cloned version who sat somewhere between Earth mother hippy and basketball-ace superhero. And there was a sort of ethereal attachment to her that rather unfortunately made it feel like she was as much of a bewildered passenger as everyone else.

The worst of it was the decision to try and one-up the iconic original aliens with the so-called New Born - a monstrosity born of human and xenomorph whose design included great big swollen red genitalia for some reason. The issue with it was that it looked ridiculous and the billing as "more dangerous" was incredibly hard to take - particularly as it was eventually undone by a ridiculous attachment to its "mama" Ripley.

Weaver had said she'd never go back to the franchise - on the back of this, who else wishes she hadn't?


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