12 Movies Based On Real Life Serial Killers

Pennywise and Pinhead are frightful, but they're nothing compared to the real killers in our midst.


As an audience, we share a peculiar fascination with murder. Why do we love watching people meet an early grave in the most unsettling, nightmare-inducing ways possible? Who knows — we just want more of it! Horror movies, super-natural cinema, and edge-of-your-seat cat-and-mouse thrillers are constantly viewed around the world.

While the likes of Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger are among the most famous fictional slashers to ever hit the screen, some of the most truly terrifying tales are those based on true stories.

Serial killers have walked among us for centuries. While some are pegged as "a little off", many of these individuals walk among us while we remain none the wiser. Naturally, the horrific crimes of these horrid individuals capture our attention, especially when their stories are translated to the silver screen.

Ghostface may give us a scream, but it's the real-life monsters like Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer that make us really fear what goes bump in the night. Some of the most iconic serial killers have been the focus of fantastic pieces of cinema starring some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces.

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