12 Movies Everyone KNEW Were Lying

"No seriously, I'm not playing Khan" Sure Benedict, we believe you.

Paramount Pictures

Hollywood's attempt to trick audiences can go either way; on the one hand, marketing a film based on one concept, only to pull the rug out from under us and have it be about something else can be the ultimate cinematic trick. What we paid for might not be what we got, but at least it did something most films fail to do these days which was to surprise us.

On the other hand that point becomes mute when the surprise is so obvious it's almost a wonder why the films attempted to trick us in the first place.

Thanks to internet fan theories, on set guerrilla photography and script-leaks, movie-makers are clinging on for dear life to retain some semblance of surprise for audiences. If they didn't, why go see the film anyway?

Much like the whole "Is Jon Snow REALLY dead?" questions and theories that came with the sixth season of Game of Thrones, fans had pretty much called it that the man who knows nothing wasn't gone for good when he got four daggers buried into his chest; but it didn't stop poor Kit Harrington's contractual obligations of telling everyone (except for one cop apparently) that his character is dead.

And films have this problem too; endeavouring to tell us a lie, when really we as fans already know the truth.


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