12 Movies In 2018 That Were Unfairly Hated

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.


2018 certainly saw its fair share of horrible movies released, and most of them were quite rightly ripped apart by critics.

Robin Hood, Show Dogs, Fifty Shades Freed and anything involving John Travolta were all well worthy of their hate from the press and audiences alike, but these 12 movies? Absolutely not.

These movies, each released to either bad reviews or total fan vitriol - or maybe even both - were in fact wildly misunderstood upon their initial release.

Now, are any of these movies secret masterpieces that'll finally be accepted as such in a few decades? Probably not, but each delivered exactly what its audience wanted - be it outrageous laughs, insane action or sharp storytelling - and should be praised for such.

They're all fundamentally imperfect works of cinema, for sure, but the scorn they've received can't help but feel wildly overblown if you take each movie on their own terms and accept the vibe they were trying to create.

In many cases, viewers clearly went in with their minds made up and couldn't entertain the possibility of these films actually being good...


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