12 Movies In 2018 That Were Unfairly Hated

12. Den Of Thieves


Many critics readily dismissed this heist thriller as a dime-store riff on Michael Mann's action epic Heat, and while it certainly owes a lot to Mann's surging classic, it also succeeds on its own merits as a muscular, hilariously testosterone-fuelled romp.

Though its 140 minute run-time is undeniably excessive, Gerard Butler gives an all-timer scenery-chewing performance as corrupt cop "Big Nick" O'Brien, leading a stacked cast including the memorable likes of Pablo Schreiber and O'Shea Jackson Jr.

First-time director Christian Gudegast serves up an extremely impressive production despite the movie's flaws, relishing the intentionally over-the-top one-liners, cartoonish performances and intense action sequences.

It's no Heat, but 41% on the Tomatometer? What a joke.


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