12 Movies You Probably Hated The First Time Round (But Loved The Second)

That glorious moment when all that fuss everyone made suddenly starts to make sense.

We've all been there. We're watching a film our friends have been telling us to see for months, but it's just not quite doing it. Maybe the plot's not as exciting as you'd expected, or your friend has already quoted the thing into oblivion to the point that there's nothing left to discover for yourself. Maybe you were feeling a little tired and your patience was already worn pretty thin, so you couldn't cope with the deliberate or complex storytelling approach. All of these movies, despite their fans, are challenging first viewings and ones that unlock a lot more on a second attempt, where expectations have been suitably adjusted, and you're a little more aware of what sort of ride you're going on. You quite possibly hated these movies upon first viewing, but after taking a breather and revisiting them some time later (maybe even some years later), all that fuss everyone made suddenly starts to make sense. And of course, please add your own experiences with this in the comments below!

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