12 Movies That Scammed You With Fake Foreshadowing

9. Frank's Dead Meat Signs - Unstoppable

 Unstoppable Frank Denzel Washington
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The Foreshadowing

On the face of it, Unstoppable looks like your typical grizzled-old-hero-gives-it-all-to-save-the-day sort of movie. Denzel Washington plays Frank Barnes, a veteran train engineer forced into early retirement who defies his superiors to help stop a run-away train from crashing and killing thousands.

At various points in the film, it's established that he's basically dead meat walking: he has a family photo indicating he has someone to die for, he's coming to the end of his job (not even by his own choice) and at one point he literally says to younger co-worker Will (Chris Pine): "Don't get sentimental on me; it makes me feel like I'm gonna die." In short, he looks like he'll DEFINITELY die stopping the killer train.

What Actually Happened...

Instead, Frank gets his day to shine, defying his superiors (who threaten to sack a man they've already forced to retire) and saving the day without even dying a little bit.

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