12 Movies That Will Slap Your Happy Mood Right In Its Face

Having a good day? Yeah, not any more.

Tom Cruise No Crying Gif Gif There are some movies out there that should never have been made. How did anyone look at the Human Centipede at the pitch stage and think it should definitely be advanced in front of a board of producers. Surely someone along the line should have questioned why anyone at all would want to see it? Who ARE these people? But not all provocatively affecting films need to involve a fecal production line. Some are simply devastating on a more emotional level: beyond even the indulgent therapy of ice cream and a good, cathartic cry. If you're having a bad day and wallowing, there's a good chance you'll reach for something sad, for the familiarity of the emotions and the reassurance that the world is a terrible place and he/she wasn't even worth it anyway. But then, because of the transformative nature of movies, it's entirely possible to take it too far. Your first world emotional problems will evaporate in the face of genocide or sexual abuse - obviously - and you'll end up feeling considerably worse, instead of better. And God forbid you ever watch them when you're actually in a good mood. You can count that entirely ruined. So unless you want that rare smile wiped off your face, you should probably avoid these films like the plague...

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