12 Movies & TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Remade On Broadway

You can't watch these on Netflix!

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In the age of reboots, we've become accustomed to the idea of our favorite films and TV shows enjoying a second life in the modern decade. But Broadway has been ahead of this trend since the early 2000s.

Recognizing a popular story, executives would jump on the opportunity to remake it with catchy songs. This would get young people to fill the seats of sometimes otherwise increasingly empty theaters.

And while social media now informs us when a favorite story is being retold for Broadway, there was a time when only theater goers and newspaper readers knew of this phenomena. As a result, you may be surprised to find out that your favorite 80's cult classic actually has a musical counterpart...


12. A Christmas Story

A must see film for families every year, A Christmas Story is a holiday classic. Everyone knows that a person who owns a Red Ryder BB gun will surely shoot their eye out.

Executives thought the film was ready for musical numbers when it opened for a limited holiday run on Broadway in 2012. The show opened to rave reviews, featuring all of our favorite scenes like Flick getting his tongue stuck on the pole, the Chinese restaurant Christmas dinner and the leg lamp. Versatile music scores accompanied these scenes and while audiences couldn't get enough, the show closed only one month later due to it's limited engagement contract.

In 2017, A Christmas Story was revived for television with stars like Maya Rudolph (as Ralphie's Mom), Matthew Broderick (as Older Ralphie/Narrator), and Jane Krakowski (as Miss Shields). The show featured numerous brand new musical numbers and cut out three songs from the original Broadway production.


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