12 Movies Where The Villain Turns Good

You either die a villain or live long enough to become the hero.

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So many villains have seen themselves as the hero over the years. So few have been correct in their assumption with the real hero defeating them before the end credits roll. There are many times where the villain was indeed one of the good guys once upon a time. Usually due to a tragic back story of some sort, however, they flip to the dark side soon enough.

Other times, villains return in sequels with a new lease on life, teaming with the hero to take down a newer, nastier threat. Often an effective storytelling trope, the villain come good is a staple throughout cinema that has grown especially popular in recent years.

To introduce someone as downright evil and then send them down a road to redemption can be a gripping and powerful story when well executed.

Sometimes fans clamour to see a popular antagonist turn good, prompting the writers to switch up the character’s allegiance. Whether it’s thanks to the charisma of the actor playing them or the exceptional quality of the writing, this trope has frequently taken film franchises in fresh and thrilling directions.

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