12 Movies With Way Happier Endings Than You'd Ever Expect

Finally! Some happy endings for a change.

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Everyone loves a happy ending to a film. Why wouldn't you? Unless you're going into the movie screen to be informed about something, no one really wants to walk out feeling worse about themselves. And over the years the lines between happy and morbid ending have become blurred.

A film that focuses on a tough and upsetting subject would feel strange if it wrapped up with a nice neat bow around it, but we seem to be seeing that more and more and it's certainly a good thing.

Even a film like Titanic (which was decades ago to be fair), ends on a relatively happy note despite being centred around a horrific tragedy. The same goes for films like Saving Private Ryan, in which the goal was achieved it was bittersweet and there was definitely some negative emotions flowing when the credits started rolling.

While a bummer of an ending is a surprise, it's not what we really want in a film. I'm sure you'd agree that a film ending on something of a high note would be received more positively than the opposite? So let's take a quick look at twelve films that had surprisingly happy endings, even if the subject matter was emotional or not.

For the purpose of this list, we'll be looking at films that could have ended a hell of a lot worse.


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