12 Movies You Didn’t Notice Were About Mental Illness

11. The Little Mermaid

Mental illness in a wholesome kid€™s film? It might seem strange, but anyone with half a media studies degree overanalysing Disney€™s films can find a tonne of disorders in its animated universe and The Little Mermaid is no different. Take Ariel, for example. Her overflowing collection of dinglehoppers, snarfblats and thingamabobs is basically compulsive hoarding epitomized which experts say can be a manifestation of severe depression, psychotic disorders and OCD, while her sidekick Sebastian€™s constant worrying is classic sign of anxiety disorder. Then there€™s Ursula whose preoccupation with vanity, power obsession and generally selfish, manipulative behaviour is a textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder. Anxiety and narcissism might be used for comedic effect in The Little Mermaid but more recently in films like Pixar€™s Inside Out, Disney has started to more explicitly address issues of mental and emotional wellbeing.

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