12 Movies You Didn’t Notice Were About Mental Illness

10. Cinderella

Poor little Cinderella. She spends all day slaving away for her evil stepmother and stepsisters only to be the brunt of their insults, but passively puts up with it all determined to please the people around her however abusive. Combine this with her emotional dependence on her stepmother and her inability to make decisions on her own and you€™re looking at a classic case of dependent personality disorder. Not to mention that she€™s even inspired her own pop psychology phenomenon, the €˜Cinderella complex€™: a term coined by psychotherapist Colette Dowling in the early €˜80s that refers to women who fear independence and are overly reliant on men. Considering that the only reason Cinderella escaped her dismal situation was by being saved by Prince Charming, effectively going from one dependent situation to another, it€™s not surprising the complex was named after her.

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