12 Nightmarish Sci-Fi Movie Scenes That Freaked You Out

The scenes that make you unable to sleep ever again...

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Watching a science-fiction film can be a joy for many people. It gives someone the opportunity to switch off from their lives, and let their imagination run wild as they explore different worlds, witness major space battles and encounter new species. It can be a very uplifting thing to do for some.

Then there are others who enjoy the darker side of sci-fi, and like to think more about what's hiding in the darkness of space and time. For decades, filmmakers have enjoyed playing with the horror side of the genre and have created some pretty freaky stuff. As a result we've been treated to some horrifying scenes that will happily scare the hell out of you and linger in your mind for weeks after.

These are the classic scenes that left us so shaken, it was a struggle just to get to sleep at night...

12. The Incubator - Prometheus

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The first of a couple of moments in the Alien franchise on this list (it was too hard to pick one), this particular scene takes the concept of childbirth and delivers it in a whole new terrifying light.

In Prometheus, scientist Elizabeth Shaw is unknowingly infected with a liquid toxin, in turn causing a parasite to grow inside her stomach. It's an early version of the iconic Xenomorph in the original film, so as an audience we all know what's coming.

The horror doesn't end there though, as Shaw puts herself into a robotic incubator which cuts open her stomach to deliver the squid-like creature, which then tries to attack her as soon as it's out of the womb. It's then a battle against time as Shaw tries to exit the incubator before the alien can kill her.

Seriously, if this doesn't put you off having children for life, nothing will.

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