12 Nightmarish Sci-Fi Movie Scenes That Freaked You Out

11. The Transformation - The Fly

The Matrix

One of the more grotesque entries on this list, transforming into a giant fly is not something many people would likely have thought about too much before this film came out, but after watching it, it's probably up at the top of your 'worst things to happen to you' list.

The 1986 classic The Fly follows scientist Seth Brundle, who slowly turns into a fly-hybrid creature after a teleportation experiment goes awry. While the film itself plays the long game, it's a suspenseful build-up to the key scene - Brundle's full transformation at the climax of the film, which is horrifying to witness. It's a real shudder moment when his jaw comes off and quite traumatic to see his body ripped apart by the creature within.

It also leaves a serious warning behind - don't mess with the nature of things. It's a brilliant use of practical effects though.

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