12 Most Paused Movie Moments Of 2014

Wait... was that?

Movies are becoming a lot like Where's Waldo (Wally if you're in the UK, of course). Thanks to the rise of Easter Eggs oneupmanship and the increasing desire of film-makers to prove their knowledge and appropriateness for the job, brief flashes and moments designed to reward only the most committed of viewers are the rising currency in film-making. So while the traditional markers of the Most Paused moments - like shocks and spliced film fragments and those tantalising flashes of nudity that were once rare - remain part of the experience, there are increasingly more Easter Eggs and blink-and-you'll-miss it flashes of genius that require and deserve seeing again as directors play up to fan expectations. With that in mind, and with the end of the year tumbling ever closer, it's time to look back at those movie moments in 2014 that had you reaching for the pause button. Did you really just see that? Click within to find out...
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