12 People Who Totally Broke The Law To Make Great Movies

11. Danny Dyer Actually Took Drugs For Human Traffic

Danny Dyer As Moff In Human Traffic 1999
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Anyone who saw Justin Kerrigan€™s Generation MDMA tale of a typical lost weekend of benders, clubbing and drugs would have noticed the authenticity of the experience. It is an actual clubber's bible and a nailed-on look at the hedonism that swept through Generation Y as the youth looked to escape the monotony of their McJobs and lack of prospects.

Particularly impressive was the film's take on actual drug use: the depiction of different stages of highness (beginning with philosophy and ending in abject depression) is genius, and the way the actors sell their ecstasy highs in the club scenes is disarmingly brilliant. Which they would be, since at least one of them has retrospectively admitted to being off his face on drugs during filming.

Danny Dyer - unlikely British film legend and soap star - got the job as Moff by candidly admitting that he loved taking drugs, and then conceded in an interview years later that his drug taking and acting career had overlapped for Human Traffic:

"He wanted someone who knew what he was talking about. It was six weeks of debauchery. It's weird for me to watch it now. That's me out of my nut on screen!€
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