12 Possible Meanings Of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Title

It's all coming to an end for the Skywalker saga, but what does the title tell us about that end?


Star Wars subtitles are often ones which inspire intrigue, debate and spades of speculation. From the pondering over of the meaning of The Phantom Menace, speculating just who is The Last Jedi, to now with The Rise Of Skywalker.

It is a title which has an air of simplicity, but also has a lot to digest and analyse. Such as what does ‘rise’ refer to? Which Skywalker is being referenced? Is there a hidden mystery waiting to be solved?

The Rise Of Skywalker is fast approaching; with D23 also coming in hot with possible information on Episode IX. But until the film hits, fans will wonder just what does the title really mean.


12. Rey In Fact IS A Skywalker After All

Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair

As a rational and not at all divisive fan base, it can be agreed that retconning everything done in The Last Jedi and forgetting is existence is the best course of action. Except no, no and definitely no. While The Last Jedi irked a lot of fans, simply retconning the work done in the movie is a stupid proposition, however it is possible.

The Last Jedi has its detractors, but it also has a huge fan base, and one of the best decisions Rian Johnson made was to reveal Rey’s parents as being nobodies.

Not only does this leave room for her parentage to be explained, it also means that is not necessary as them being nobodies is perfect for Rey’s character.

For J. J. to reveal that Rey is of the Skywalker family, whether it be by Luke or Leia, is as boring as it is unnecessary. While anything can be good in film if done correctly, there is not much appeal to this idea; even though it is unfortunately a possibility.


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