12 Possible Meanings Of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Title

11. Rey Simply Adopts Or Is Passed The Name Skywalker


A better option compared to the previous is to just have Rey adopt, or have Luke or Leia give her the name Skywalker. The Rise Of Skywalker may not refer to Rey being a blood member of the family, rather though it would mean the continuation of the name through Rey as a legacy.

We know Rey has a connection with Leia and we anticipate their screen time together in The Rise Of Skywalker, so for Leia to pass on the name she never herself used would not be out of the ordinary.

As for Luke, every Star Wars fan knows he will be in this movie, and the chances of the pair of Luke and Rey not having time together is slim to none. In that time Luke could talk about how Rey showed Luke the light again and the necessity of hope before passing on his name to her; especially since we (at this point) are under the assumption Luke has no offspring.

While not the most inspiring or exciting prospect, it is completely plausible. On top of that it is much better for Rey’s story arc for her to be given the name rather than actually be a descendent if it.


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