12 R-Rated Comic Book Movies We Need To See After Logan & Deadpool

It's time to go all in on the new Joker...

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It might have been easy to dismiss the success of Deadpool's R-Rated stand-alone movie as a trick of circumstances that was unprecedented. After all, there were thirty R-Rated comic book movies released before it, and less than a handful of them made over $300m when 'Pool made closer to $800m. But then Logan happened and made more than $400m in 12 days, and Deadpool stopped looking so much like a fluke.

The question now for film studios considering adaptations of comic books is whether they follow suit and make R-Rated films in the hope of appealing to the same audience and their obvious thirst for more grown up material. An equally pressing question would be which properties would even suit that more adult approach.

Luckily for comic book fans of the hard R, there's a plethora of material that would actually work with the supposedly box office limiting rating. And we can probably all agree that it's time someone other than just Fox started making great, lucrative R-Rated comic book movies...

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