12 Reasons Movies Were Better When You Were Younger

Why can't everyone just hold onto the wide-eyed enthusiasm of youth?

With pretty much anything in life, it's inevitable that humans are going to look back fondly on their formative years, and this is perhaps no more apparent than in terms of art, be it music, video games or movies. There are Internet message boards full of people decrying contemporary cinema as an out-of-control commercial mammoth, while expressing a yearning to return to the apparent "classics" that brought them so much wonder in their youth. Of course, this brings up the debate: were movies really better a couple of decades ago, or are there a number of other explanations at play? Even discounting the dangerously rose-tinted nature of nostalgia, there are a ton of reasons why so many film fans have a distinct fondness for the movies in their youth, and why the dreck served up by Hollywood these days just can't seem to keep up with it. Practically everyone clings to and has fond memories of the movies their parents first showed to them, though this gooey attachment cannot solely explain why movies seemed so much better before life truly took hold. Whether psychological, humanist or financial in nature, the reasons are numerous, and without any further ado, here are 12 of the most important...
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