12 Reasons Movies Were Better When You Were Younger

12. It Was More Of An Event

As a kid, you typically won't have watched a whole lot of movies at the cinema: your hard-working parents would probably have taken you a few times a year, and it would have been viewed as a treat. This, of course, gave the cinema experience a romantic aura, all the more so because it wasn't yet something you could pay for and attend on your own. If you were lucky, maybe you were bought the VHS or DVD for a birthday or Christmas, and though you may have watched movies on TV, you simply didn't have the same immediacy of content that audiences do today. Nowadays, with the advent of VOD and Netflix, everyone has 10,000 movies at their finger-tips, and it creates a culture of disposable media, whereby movies can be binge-watched ad nauseum over a lazy weekend, in a sense de-romanticising the thrill of going to the cinema as an event. Sure, some movies still do a splendid job of selling themselves on the theatrical experience (in recent memory, Avatar, Gravity and Interstellar), but as cinema releases begin to receive VOD dates increasingly closer to their cinema release, the role of movies as an event is going to become even more diluted, reserved for only the biggest and most anticipated of films.
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