12 Recent Movies That Really Shouldn't Have Been Boring

9. Skyscraper

The Mule Clint Eastwood

Dwayne Johnson does Die Hard, how could that end up being anything other than one hell of a time at the movies? Quite easily, as it turned out.

High-concept actioners are something that we really don't get enough of these days in the age of mega-budget superhero franchises, and having the world's biggest movie star leading an adrenaline-fueled race against time in a compact, single-location genre flick should have been a license to print money.

Instead, Skyscraper went for some OTT set-pieces that would have made the Fast and Furious gang blush, with the CGI nowhere near polished enough to create even the slightest hint of suspending your disbelief as a man the size of a small vehicle launches himself from the top of a crane and through a window of the titular structure.

A concept like Skyscraper was begging out for a back-to-basics approach, but by the time The Rock finally got to face off against Miscellaneous European Villain #514 during the movie's climax, the bizarre decision to set the showdown almost entirely against a greenscreen reduces what should have been the fist-pumping finale to yet another instance of mediocre CGI f**kery.


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