12 Ridiculously Macho Movies You Must See

12. Crank


Jason Statham has admirably carried the macho torch into the 2000s and beyond with a raft of top action hits including The Expendables series. Crank is by far his craziest and most action packed movie to date though, and arguably one of his best. Statham plays Chev Chelios, a former hit-man who wakes up to the knowledge he has been poisoned by a gangster and has to keep his heart beating as fast as possible to stay alive. So, basically this is Speed in a human body.

Beyond this set-up, there is no clever dialogue needed, no deeper character development – the film, and Statham, go 100 mph from the start. The action is outrageous and ridiculous and there are some hilarious moments throughout. It goes to places you certainly wouldn’t expect but manages to retain credibility from Statham’s tough and relentless performance.

There are also some impressive directorial touches with frenetic editing and visual flair through crash zooms and disorienting angles, which keeps the action going at full pelt. Crank is a 21st century action movie for a new generation and set the bar for pushing the adrenaline envelope.


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