12 Sci Fi Films That Will Melt Your Brain

11. The Fountain

Cameron Diaz The Box
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Any movie with the same actors playing different characters hundreds of years apart earns a place on this list (sorry for running out of space, the Wachowski’s sisters underrated flop Cloud Atlas).

Released upon an unsuspecting world in 2006 and setting its director’s career back years due to its intense weirdness, The Fountain is a sci-fi effort from Noah helmer Darren Aronofksy.

Following Hugh Jackman’s search for the elixir of life via three different selves in three different eras of human history, this one attempts to explain life, the universe, and everything with its intersecting stories, and though things may become somewhat muddled in the process, it’s an unmissable classic for fans of trippy, answer-free sci-fi.

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