12 Sci-Fi Movie Remakes Coming In 2020 (And Beyond)

Are you ready to rejoin the Green Lantern Corps?

Green Lantern Tom Cruise
Warner Bros.

If there's one thing the likes of Interstellar, Inception, Star Trek and Star Wars have proved in recent years, it's that Hollywood audiences still have a major appetite for sci-fi. We might not get the same frequency of releases as horror fans seem to (perhaps because it's usually cheaper to make an effective horror than it is an impressive sci-fi and expectations are skewed differently), but every now and then, the blockbuster calendar is punctuated by something brilliant.

Even comic book movies are moving into sci-fi in more meaningful ways, which should open up even more possibilities and as long as humanity continues to look up at the night skies or within ourselves or at machines with hungry fascination, that trend will continue.

Naturally, Hollywood also loves a remake, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that there are some very exciting looking sci-fi remakes and reboots on the horizon in 2020 and beyond...

12. Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps
Warner Bros.

While the rebranded DCEU's future shape has changed massively from what it would have been had Zack Snyder continued in his role as Grand Over-Seer of the franchise's creative direction and some films have been flat-out cancelled, it makes sense that Warner Bros still want to reboot Green Lantern.

The Ryan Reynolds version was such a disaster that it was deemed fair game for that Deadpool 2 post-credits joke (which was remarkably disrespectful, but not exactly unearned) and yet the characters and the comics lore easily remain popular enough to warrant another go. Arguably, Marvel's immediate success with Captain Marvel suggests that there's appetite for that sort of movie too.

Warners need to heed the lessons of the original, clearly, but with suggestions that the film will focus on an older Hal Jordan (intriguingly Tom Cruise was linked for a while) and his protege John Stewart, it should be different enough to help avoid unhelpful direct comparisons. Avoiding retelling Jordan's origin is probably also a very smart move. It's set for release in 2020, but it feels a little like it might be pushed back yet.


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