12 Sci-Fi Movie Sequels That Deserve A Second Chance

11. Ghostbusters 2

The Lost World Raptor

This one was utterly reviled when released in 1989, and even embattled reboot helmer Paul Feig could take some solace in the fact that fans definitively did not want to revisit the world of 1984’s once in a lifetime hit Ghostbusters—and this was with the original flick’s director and cast on board, mind.

Nonetheless, and whilst this claim may be considered sacrilege in some corners of the Internet, we here at WhatCulture have been shocked to realise in recent years that, upon revisiting the much-maligned sequel, Ghostbusters 2 is actually… kind of good?

Maybe it’s the decision to make long suffering nerd Louis Tully an honorary member, maybe it’s the killer villain, hell maybe it’s just that anarchic sequence where all manner of ghouls are set loose on New York. Whatever the case, without the heavy burden of expecting it to outdo its classic precursor, this horror comedy is a pretty solid watch on its own.


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