12 Sci-Fi Movies That Got The Future SCARILY Right

It's scary to think that The Terminator, Total Recall and Blade Runner are now cautionary tales.

Buena Vista

One of the reasons why sci-fi has always remained one of cinema's most popular genres is that it invites the suspension of disbelief, affording filmmakers the opportunity to transport audiences to civilizations, planets, galaxies and alternate futures that are about as far removed from reality as you can get.

Not everybody wants to kick back and relax with a movie that takes place in a recognizable setting or mirrors what's going on around them, so the chance to head off into a world that's been built almost entirely from the ground up in somebody else's imagination is often one that can't be turned down.

However, through accident or design there have been plenty of sci-fi movies over the years that have ended up making some scarily accurate predictions about the future. Whether it be from a technological standpoint or even the state of society itself, the lines between making a work of fiction and being a clairvoyant have become more than a little blurred when you look back at some of the predictions that sci-fi cinema has made.


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