12 Sci-Fi Movies That NOBODY Understands

11. Eraserhead

Dwayne Johnson in Southland Tales
American Film Institute

The first feature from king of weird David Lynch, Eraserhead stills blows the director’s later strange offerings out of the water in terms of sheer visual and aural oddity. Admittedly the story of this one is actually a lot more straightforward than most of the helmer’s later efforts such as Lost Highway, Twin Peaks, and Mulholland Drive—a young man has a very odd baby, his wife leaves him, and a lady emerges from his radiator to save him.

That’s it.

No trippy intersecting realities or out-of-order timelines. But trust us when we say that the uniquely disturbing design of this flick, from details as small as the mannered performances and strange hair and make-up all the way through the grotesque puppet design used for the baby, ensure that it is a nightmare impossible to make sense of—mainly because it’s hard to actually watch the screen long enough to start deciphering.


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