12 Terrible CGI Moments In High Budget Movies

11. Not-So-Fantastic - Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer Mr Fantastic

The Tim Story-directed Fantastic Four films may be pretty terrible, but their goofier tone also saw them get cut plenty of slack as far as their cartoonishly wacky visual effects were concerned.

And though convincingly adapting Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffud) to the big screen is always going to be a major VFX challenge, Rise of the Silver Surfer did itself no favours by having the stretchy superhero needlessly show off his abilities in this vile comic relief scene.

As Reed Richards takes command of the dance floor, he stretches his arms out to dance with two young ladies, resulting in this unconvincing digital monstrosity.

The texture work on the sleeves is horrible, and most people with their dad's old copy of 3D Studio Max could probably render more lifelike-looking hands.

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