12 Terrible Movies That Killed An Actor's Winning Streak

The best acting hot streaks that hit a brick wall with one awful movie...

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Hollywood is a fickle business by its nature, and as such an actor can be on top of the world one minute, a seemingly unstoppable box office juggernaut, and endure a colossal, career-hurting series of the flops the next. It's been seen time and time again, where a famous performer builds up an impressive streak of either critically or commercially successful films (or in the best case scenario, both) before hitting a brick wall when their latest effort kills their hot streak stone dead.

Granted, for most actors one flop isn't the end, but it does mark the conclusion of an actor's impressive run of hits, and more often than not suggests that audiences simply won't gobble up everything an actor is cast in without thinking. Sure, sometimes an audience just doesn't "get" a great movie and it's re-evaluated later on, but in this article, the focus is on terrible films that either flopped at the box office or with critics and cooled down an actor's previous bankability.

Sure, most of these actors can still be counted on to deliver a box office smash if the right script calls for it, but the sad truth is that some of them are very much on the career downslide, no doubt hoping for one crowd-pleasing smash hit to restore their box office glory and even kick-start a new hot streak. Here are 12 terrible movies that killed an actor's winning streak...

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