12 Terrible Recent Movies Destined To Become Cult Classics

Gods Of Egypt may be terrible, but there's no escaping that Gerard Butler is the B-Movie King.

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2016 hasn't exactly been a great year at the movies so far, even if the slowly unfurling Oscar season might save audiences from a mostly appalling summer.

The year has had more than its share of duds, but as most film fans know, sometimes you'll look up one of your beloved movies only to find out that critics hated it and it bombed at the box office.

Take Arnold Schwarzenegger's Last Action Hero: it was a critical and commercial bust but has legions of fans who love it regardless. Similarly, 2016 like any other year is going to spawn its share of reviled films that still manage to find an audience in the long run, be it motivated by ironic viewing or not.

From a belated sequel nobody bothered to check out in cinemas to one of the worst (and campiest) blockbusters of recent times, here are 13 terrible recent movies destined to become cult classics...


12. Zoolander 2


Why It's Terrible: Alright, so everyone kinda got a kick out of Zoolander 2's mere existence, but now that the honeymoon period has worn off, everyone knows it's actually awful, right?

A bungled attempt to recapture the original's glory, this is regrettably yet another comedy sequel that sits along the likes of Dumb And Dumber To as too little, too late.

Why It'll Be A Cult Classic: Though it bombed at the box office, this is exactly the type of movie that will end up flourishing on home video platforms where it's immediately available for a few bucks.

Its idiotic goofiness will likely find a warm embrace from cash-strapped students and stoners everywhere, and remember, if Hollywood's recent big successes have proven anything, it's that people love nostalgia.

As such, seeing these actors back in their iconic roles will probably be enough for many fans of the original. After all, the quality of the performances are not among the sequel's more vocal complaints.

That's without out even mentioning the outrageous number of cameos throughout, ranging from Justin Bieber to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, which makes for a terrific drinking game in its own right. It moves so fast and throws so much at the screen that it'll probably win some reconsideration in the coming years.


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