12 Things In Pixar Movies That Make No Sense

Toy Story. Up. Inside Out. WALL-E. The Pixar films are perfect. Well... almost perfect.


Since the release of its first feature film, Pixar has banked over $14 billion, making them one of the successful film studios of today. In terms of quality, Pixar is arguably the best movie company since it's never released a truly bad film (except Cars 2 but that's the exception to the rule). Of the 21 films they've released, nine have won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Despite the fact that Pixar works on each movie for four years, that doesn't mean they make perfect sense. Now, we can't expect the writers and director to catch every inconsistency because... well... that's the Internet's job.

Sometimes, the Pixar team write themselves into a wall. Other times, the film sets up rules on how its world works but then breaks those same rules later in the story. Occasionally, the movie won't make it clear what its rules are to start with (Why do the automobiles in Cars have doors if nobody gets inside them?)

This list's purpose isn't to take away the joy that Pixar has brought us. Obviously, a huge amount of passion and love went into every single one of their projects (except Cars 2). Nevertheless, such inconsistencies can't help but irritate us.

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