12 Things That Interstellar Got Right

12. Casting Matthew McConaughey

Despite the fact that some naysayers have cited Matthew McConaughey as an inherently bad choice for the central role of test pilot turned planet-finder Cooper, mainly due to the fact that his mumble-clad style of talking is ill-suited to a character tasked with unleashing so much exposition over the course of three hours, his casting actually revealed itself to be a minor revelation; he lends a real sense of gravity to the flick. McConaughey, of course, used to be the kind of actor who would irritate you for every moment he was up on screen. Then came the now-legendary McConaissance, whereupon he decided to take his career seriously, lost weight, and suddenly became the hottest actor in Hollywood. His performance in Interstellar, then, is intelligent, emotional, and - above all - believable (even if he is channelling himself in '97's Contact).

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