12 Things That Almost Completely Changed 2017’s Biggest Movies

They were almost so different.

Spider Man Homecoming Nick Fury
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Making a movie, even a terrible movie, is incredibly hard work: no doubt about it. Even the safest bet of a film can have a hundred different things go wrong during some stage of production, where changes have to be made ultimately either for better or for worse.

In the last 12 months alone, countless movies were released which strayed far from their original visions, be it due to the studio steering a project to meet their business goals, directors fighting back against crusty old executives, filmmakers changing their endings last minute, or even a Hollywood A-lister being recast at the eleventh hour due to a sexual harassment scandal. Yup.

Each of these 12 movies would've been significantly different if the original plan went ahead, but due to creative clashes, lightbulb moments and tragically unforseen circumstances, they all ended up going in new directions. Most of them are thankfully still good movies, but were the changes necessarily for the better? Decide for yourself...

12. The Original Ending Introduced Darkseid - Justice League

Batman V Superman Knightmare Darkseid.jpg
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Original Plan: The original ending to Justice League saw Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) return to the planet of Apokolips, where he's met by Darkseid, who subsequently kills Steppenwolf and prepares to head to Earth to tackle the League himself.

What Happened?: Extensive reshoots saw the film being heavily reconfigured in post-production, with Warner Bros. execs deciding that the film would function better as a standalone movie rather than concluding with a blatant setup for the sequel.

As such, the film ended with Steppenwolf's defeat and the formal establishment of the Justice League...and that's basically it.

Did It Work?: Though it would've been undeniably cool to see Darkseid show up, Warner Bros. probably made the smart call here by not trying to spin too many plates at once, something the DCEU has struggled to pull off effectively so far.

Though the final movie still isn't very good, playing things coy was for the best all things considered, especially as Justice League's disappointing box office performance has most likely put the brakes on a sequel for the time being.


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