12 Things You Learn Rewatching Die Another Day

The horror, the horror.

Die Another Day Halle Berry Pierce Brosnan

Our weekly Bond rewatch series reaches the end of the Pierce Brosnan years with 2002's Die Another Day, one of the most widely-maligned entries into the entire 007 canon.

And it's with damn good reason, honestly. Though the movie's strengths are often downplayed and overshadowed by its glaring flaws, there's little denying that it's one of the most unpopular Bond films ever, and a dispiriting example of everything the Daniel Craig reboot attempted to correct.

Brosnan is, once again, a thoroughly underserved Bond here, doing his best with what he has, but ultimately proving powerless against slapdash direction, inane scripting, some highly dubious casting decisions and, yes, a literal tidal wave of CGI.

It's an extremely underwhelming end for Brosnan's tenure, and the feeling endures that he never really got a fair shake during the seven years he spent playing the iconic spy.

But Die Another Day's failures were ultimately for the good of the brand, because Craig's follow-up was just the kick in the teeth the series desperately needed...


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