12 Things You Learn Rewatching For Your Eyes Only

Never forgive that Maggie Thatcher "cameo".

For Your Eyes Only
United Artists

Our weekly James Bond rewatch continues with the twelfth entry into the franchise, 1981's For Your Eyes Only. The directorial debut of long-time Bond editor and second-unit director John Glen, it's often heralded as a return to gritty form after the absurdity of Moonraker, though there's still plenty of silliness on offer here for those who desire it.

Somewhat reminiscent of the most recent Bond movie Spectre, it's got one foot planted in classic Bond ridiculousness and another in something more serious and visceral.

It doesn't always nail that balance to its detriment, but it's certainly nowhere near as iffy or cringe-worthy as most of Moore's prior outings (and he certainly had worse yet to come).

The devotion to more basic, elemental themes and (comparatively) stripped-down action makes this a mostly successful rebuke to those who felt that Moonraker saw the Bond franchise jump the shark (and they basically had a point). Not a classic Bond flick overall, but one of Moore's less-wonky efforts for sure...


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