12 Things You Learn Rewatching GoldenEye

12. The Titles Sequence Is One Of The Series' Best

Goldeneye Titles

The six-year gap between Licence to Kill and GoldenEye resulted in a number of seismic shifts for the series, both aesthetically and in terms of its personnel.

With legendary Bond title designer Maurice Binder passing away in 1991, he was succeeded by Daniel Kleinman, who also ushered 007's title sequences into the age of CGI.

GoldenEye features the series' first title sequence composed largely by contemporary visual effects techniques, and to that end it's also one of the most creative and memorable.

It sure doesn't hurt that it's set to Tina Turner's iconic title track, but all the same, the combination of fire, beautiful silhouetted women and a ton of Soviet iconography - namely the hammer and sickle - make this a visually entrancing sequence that's aged surprisingly well and ranks among Bond's best.


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