12 Things You Learn Rewatching On Her Majesty's Secret Service

An underrated classic.

On Her Majesty S Secret Service George Lazenby
United Artists

Our weekly rewatch series of the James Bond franchise continues with the sixth film, 1969's divisive On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Best remembered as the black sheep of the official Bond movies due to George Lazenby's one-off performance as 007, the film has nevertheless enjoyed a revised reception from more contemporary critics, with some even deeming it the best ever Bond film.

While that claim might seem a tad overzealous, OHMSS is nevertheless one of the most ambitious, surprising, psychologically complex and character-driven of all 24 Bond films.

It might irk those who would prefer a film clinging more eagerly to the franchise's well-regimented formula, but under the direction of the superb Peter R. Hunt - who sadly only ever directed a single Bond film - it's nevertheless one of the most kinetic and envelope-pushing Bond movies yet.

While not everything works, and sometimes the movie indulges in weirdness for no sake but its own, rewatching it nevertheless reveals some pleasant surprises...


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